Hiring best duct cleaners In Melbourne

Looking for a reputed company with high quality work but on lower rates?

Fine Duct Cleaning is a reputed duct cleaning company in Melbourne with rich experience in cleaning and repairing all types of duct systems with excellence. Our work quality is unmatched and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying our customers. And we have reasonable rates as well so hiring us is the best decision that you could make. Call us at Fine Duct Cleaning for a free quote or fill in the enquiry form today.

What is Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is the process of cleaning the duct in and out removing all dust from the air filters, grills, removing grease from the duct parts, cleaning the motor and other parts in addition to removing bacteria, rodents and mold that may be infecting your duct. We use hi-tech equipment that efficiently removes all debris and obstructive material from the duct system and its air passages, giving you clean, healthier air in the indoors. Our professionally trained staff inspects your duct system and the level of work required and clean your duct thoroughly inside out.

Why you should consider cleaning your duct

Duct systems are extensively used throughout the year and accumulate a lot of dust in the process. This dust gets set deeper and deeper into the system and its parts. There may be bacterial or mold growth inside the duct due to weather and moisture conditions, leaving your breathing air infected and unhealthy.  Breathing this unhealthy air constantly can give rise to allergies and respiratory infections among some family members. Moreover, there may be obstructive material blocking the air flow leaving you to question the lower efficiency and non-uniform heating/cooling of the duct giving rise to higher bills. In some cases, there may be carbon monoxide leakage in the indoor air which is difficult to determine due to its odorless and colorless state. This can prove dangerous for the health of the family members.

Regular duct cleaning and maintenance is very important keeping in mind the health of the family members. Call us right away and get all your duct cleaning and repair issues addressed at affordable prices.

Our Services

We have years of experience in the cleaning industry and have earned a reputation of professional and reliable duct cleaners with our excellent quality services. We use latest technology equipment, trained staff, bio-friendly products in the cleaning process that always result in satisfactory outcomes. Our services include –

  • Ducted heating and cooling cleaning
  • Duct repair and maintenance
  • Free carbon monoxide test
  • Sanitization and deodorization after the cleaning process
  • High rise and underground duct repair and maintenance
  • Removal of all bacteria, allergens , dust and mold

Duct Cleaning Cost and Quality

The cost of duct cleaning depends upon the time it was last cleaned, the number of ducts you want to get cleaned, the access level to reach the duct and the level of work required. Call us and get a free quote regarding your duct and clarify all your queries instantly.

Our top class services are available at lower rates and you should consider hiring us immediately.

Benefits of Hiring Us

We are the most sought after duct cleaners in and around Melbourne providing rich cleaning experience to our customers. That is the reason we have excellent record of satisfied customers that always have rave reviews about us and our professionalism.

After our services, you can expect your duct to –

  • Work efficiently and uniformly
  • Clean duct system without any dust or debris
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Cleaner and fresher air in the indoors
  • Improved overall health of the family members
  • Removal of bacteria, allergens, mold and dead insects


Top reasons to hire us are –

  • Excellent quality work by experienced staff
  • Professionally trained staff in using hi-tech equipment
  • Cooperative customer care to answer your queries and give you appointment
  • Same day service available
  • Cleaner and purer air quality at your home
  • Free carbon monoxide test
  • Sanitization and deodorization for a fresh smelling air
  • Affordable prices
  • Call us for a free quote today


Call us at Fine Duct Cleaning or fill in the enquiry form today and give your family a cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.

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