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Duct Cleaning Cost Calculator

The average duct cleaning cost in Melbourne, Australia for a general household is anywhere from $200 to $500.

The cost of duct cleaning is determined by the number of duct vents which needs cleaning along with the cost of return vent and unit cleaning.

The cost may increase if you may have other issues with your duct:

  • duct vent bad smell treatment
  • water extraction from floor duct vent
  • any general repair

Duct Cleaning Cost

The cost of heating duct cleaning typically depends on the number of heating vents which needs cleaning. If you do not have any other issues with your heating duct system then the pricing to clean your ducted heating vents are straight forward.

Generally, the cost of ceiling vents cleanings is slightly higher than the floor heating duct vent cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Cost

Generally, the cost of duct cleaning ranges from $25 to $30 per vent cleaning and you will have to pay separately for return vent and unit cleaning. After cleaning sanitisation and carbon monoxide test can also add and additional cost.

The demand for heating duct cleaning is much higher than cooling vents cleaning as more houses are designed with ducted heating in Melbourne.

Use our air duct cleaning cost estimator to get an estimate.

Note: The information is a general guide only if you would like to get exact HVAC duct cleaning cost then send your enquiry and we will provide you with a quote.

Cheap Duct Cleaning Quote vs Proper Quote

There are tonnes of companies in Melbourne and they advertise a very low price and often things are not clear. Generally, they promise to do pretty much everything at a very cheap price but it changes when they arrive to do the work.

Cheap vs Quality Duct Cleaning

Avoid the trap, get a proper duct cleaning quote and also learn about inclusions and exclusions and don't just hire anyone. Work with a properly trained duct cleaning technician.

Use our duct cleaning quote tool and get an estimate.

How to keep the cost of ducted heating cleaning lower?

The simple rule of thumb to minimise the duct cleaning cost in Melbourne is to get heating and cooling duct vents cleaning regularly.

Heating duct helps you keep warm during winter but over time dust, allergens and pollens get accumulated in vents which requires professional cleaning. People often ignore and they only get cleaning done when they have a real problem and by that time generally, deep cleaning is required along with other general maintenance which leads to additional cost.

It is important to note that an efficient duct system uses a lot less power than the poorly managed duct system which may not have been cleaned for years.

Keep your duct cleaned and save on power bills and you need minimum duct maintenance.

Duct Return Vent and Unit Cleaning Cost

The standard cost of return vent is $70 and unit cleaning is $130.

Need Help?

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