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Heating and Cooling duct cleaning service Greensborough

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Single stop solution for all your duct problems – Fine Duct Cleaning in Greensborough. We care about you and your family in giving you quality air to breathe that is much healthier and cleaner.

Do you feel your cooling duct is not as efficient as it used to be? Or has your heating duct been working unimpressively in the cold winters? Always feeling a sense of bad stale smelling air?

Time to call us and get your duct cleaned, maintained and repaired by the best and most effective service providers in Greensborough.

Why should you get your duct cleaned

Major reasons for getting your ducts cleaned are –

  • They are dirtier – This is the most obvious reason to get them cleaned. The air filters can be full of dust if not cleaned on regular intervals.

  • Housing contaminants – Your duct might be housing bacteria, molds, and even living or dead insects. Imagine till now you have been inhaling air containing infections from these organisms!

  • Other obstructions – Renovations or newly built buildings or houses might have left debris or obstructive material inside the duct blocking the air flow.

  • Prevent fatal accidents – Gas leakage could lead to major accidents like breaking out of fire. In addition to this, leakage of carbon monoxide is deadly because the gas can’t even be detected being mixed in your breathing air due to its colorless and odourless nature.

  • Inefficiency – The cooling air duct or the heating air duct might not be performing as you expect it to. As a result, you use them for more duration thereby increasing your bills in large amounts.

How do we perform our services

We work dedicatedly to provide you best quality duct cleaning services. You just have to call us for a free query and let us know your duct issues. Our customer care representatives will do their best to answer all your queries to your satisfaction. In case the problem is big, you can request for an onsite inspection at easy callout fees.

Our technicians arrive at your place and inspect your duct carefully letting you know the issues and the overall cost. We don’t have hidden charges so you can fully trust us on terms of costs. After your confirmation, or team of trained technicians visit you with all required tools and machinery. The follow a very systematic process to ensure 100% quality service. The steps our technicians follow are –

  • Step 1 – Covering your floors and other material with protective layers to ensure they are safe in the process of cleaning.

  • Step 2 – Disconnecting the power supply to the system for safety. Now, dismantle various parts and internal components.

  • Step 3 – Thoroughly clean all the parts for dirt and grim using high tech vacuums. This is followed by cleaning with compressed air at a very high pressure to ensure all kinds of debris and unwanted material is washed away.

  • Step 4 – Cleaning the supply air registers, return air registers and grills using powerful air duct equipment with rotating brushes so that all contaminants are removed.

  • Step 5 – Then the duct system is sanitised and deodorized with a fragrant tea tree oil that has antimicrobial properties. This leaves behind a very fresh and clean smelling air.

Top reasons for choosing us

  • Highly qualified staff and technicians

  • Background verified technicians

  • Latest technologies and machines

  • Fast response and quick results

  • Quality service

  • Easy payment Options

  • No hidden fees, affordable cost

  • Residential and commercial duct cleaning

  • Underground ducts, exhaust fans in high rise areas

  • Full eradication of rodents, debris, bacteria and other contaminants

  • Free carbon monoxide test, sanitising and deodorizing of duct system

  • High efficiency improvement of the duct system

  • A feel of instant fresh and healthier air

  • All type of maintenance and repair work

For excellent services at affordable prices, call us today and get a free quote or book an appointment for onsite inspection.

Greensborough Victoria

Greensborough is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19 km north-east from Melbourne’s CBD.

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