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Ducted Heating and Cooling Duct Cleaning in Knox Ozone and Knox City Area

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Are you looking for the best ducted heating cleaning company in Knox Ozone area in Melbourne then you have come to the right place? Fine Duct Cleaning is known for providing high-end cleaning experience.

Clean air from a clean duct

You might be giving your family very unhealthy air at home which is the leading cause of asthma, allergy and respiratory infections in today times.

Own an office? Well, you could be putting the lives of your staff and your precious property at risk due to duct blockages leading to fires or accidents.

Tired of seeing your money going down the drain by paying huge electricity bills?

Holding yourself back from duct cleaning fearing high costs?

Let all your worries and fears be gone when Duct Cleaning Knox is at your service with the most qualified staff, the best quality procedures and services, and the most affordable rates!

Don’t believe what you just read! Call Find Duct Cleaning and get a free quote over the phone. And our technician will be there in your house in Knox in no time.

Why is duct cleaning such a big deal?

Simple, because the ducts get dirtier and prone to loads of allergens, mites, contaminants over time. We get our ducts installed and the just forget about them. It’s important to get them cleaned, maintained and repaired at regular intervals.

Just wait and think

  • There could be rodents inhabiting your duct, or possibly mold or some dead insects in there, resulting in bad smelling air and infections.

  • There could be some kind of air blockage that restricts the passageway that results in lower efficiency and even some serious accidents like a fire breaking out.

  • Carbon monoxide is colorless and odourless and you won’t even know if the deadly gas is being emitted by your duct, knocking you out in no time.

  • Lots of duct accumulated over a period of time that you are inhaling without even realising.

  • A part of the duct might require immediate repair due to water or soot withering it away.

All the above have one simple answer – Fine Duct Cleaning.

We provide both residential and commercial duct cleaning by our most experienced and qualified staff at the most affordable price in Knox City area. We ensure that your home or workplace is safe and clean.

Our Service Areas

Fine Duct Cleaning specialises in a lot of services both for residential and commercial duct cleaning. Our highly trained staff can remove dust and any obstruction blocking the air passage. We specialise in both ceiling and floor duct cleaning. We are in complete sync with the latest techniques and technologies available and use the most advanced of tools to achieve our results.

We also provide an onsite inspection to assure you what solution is best suited to your needs as well as within your budget. Call out fee applies for an onsite inspection.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect your property and explain you clearly about the issues that need to be taken care of and the process and methods that will be followed. Our key service areas are:

  • Air Duct and Heating Duct Cleaning

  • Evaporative Cooling Duct Cleaning

  • Vents Duct Cleaning

  • HCAV cleaning

  • Gas heated cleaning

  • Residential & Commercial Duct Cleaning

  • Fault checking and gas leakages

  • Dryer Duct Cleaning

  • Duct Maintenance & Repair

  • Vent register cleaning

  • Central ducted heating cleaning

  • Carbon monoxide test

  • Complete removal of dust, mold, insects and other contaminants and obstructions

  • Sanitising and deodorising to give a fresh and clean smelling home

Quality service is guaranteed

We have years of experience in duct cleaning and excellent track record that we have earned through our highly trained, friendly and qualified staff leaving our clients happy. Our experts perform their job very cleanly and efficiently and thus leaving no mess behind.

We follow a very systematic process in our cleaning services so that we achieve what we say:

  • Inspection – When our staff comes for inspection, they go into each and every detail to provide the best cleaning experience. They also explain to you what the problem areas are and what procedures will be followed.

  • Safety – Safety is our prime focus and we ensure to provide the best experience possible.

  • Cleaning of ducts with vacuum – We use vacuum to remove all debris and dust in the duct. After that high pressure compressed air is used to remove all traces of dust.

  • Cleaning – We now clean all parts like fan, motor, grills, filters and other internal components using high compressed air pressure. This is followed by cleaning of duct lines and return air duct using advanced rotary brushes.

  • Carbon monoxide testing and fault fixing – Our technicians perform the carbon monoxide test and look for any faults that exist or gas leakages. We excel in all types of maintenance and repair work.

  • Sanitising and Deodorising – Our technicians sanitise and deodorise the duct system. This leaves your home with good smelling and clean fresh air.

Why we pride being the best

  • We are specialised in all types of residential and commercial duct cleaning systems

  • Use of latest technologies and tools

  • Trusted duct cleaners in and around Knox

  • Most professional, reliable and qualified trainers

  • Our staff is background checked so you can be sure of your security.

  • Quality service guaranteed

  • No hidden fees, free quote and inspection on your call

  • Free carbon monoxide test

  • Eradication of dust, grime, dead insects, pollen and other mosquitoes

  • Energy conservation resulting in lower bills

  • Cleaner and purer breathing air

  • In case of urgent attention, get the same day service

  • Most affordable price for the most high quality services

  • We offer easy payment methods and accept cash, cheques and credit card options

Cleaning Service in Knox City Area

The are is well established and attracts many visitors at Knox City shopping centre. The city of knox is located in the eastern suburbs o Melbourne. We have done many duct cleaning and repair jobs in the Knox and in surrounding areas. So, if you need any service just give us a call.

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