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Duct Cleaning Geelong

Duct cleaning is a very important part of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. To ensure a steady performance of the HVAC system its maintenance plays a vital role. Duct cleaning is a process of removing any contaminants that get amassed in the duct over some time or caused due to moisture content in the duct.

Duct Cleaning Geelong

Fine Duct Cleaning provides the best quality service for duct cleaning in Geelong. It helps to maintain clean air in your living space thereby protecting from any health hazards. If you are residing anywhere in this location you can avail Geelong duct repair services.

Signs that you might need duct cleaning:

  • When you notice any water damage in the ducts.
  • Unknown source of a foul smell in the house.
  • Increased dust or pollens inside in the living space. You can also check the supply
  • Diffusers to confirm if that is the source of the dirt.
  • Unexplained airborne allergies.

Additionally, If you find any other pollutants i.e., moulds, slimes, pests, any animals or insects such as rats or cockroaches in your air duct, take immediate action and contact Fine Duct Cleaning for duct cleaning services.

If you notice any of the above issues then it is time to cleanse or disinfect the duct to maintain well-functioning heating or cooling system.

If your duct needs cleaning then we can offer you the best solution to you. Don't settle for the 2nd best, enquire now and get the Heating duct cleaning Geelong. Our team can help you to keep your duct healthy during winter and summer, if you have not got your duct cleaned for a long time then you may be at risk of carbon monoxide. Our work with highly trained technicians to provide the best duct cleaning experience.

Ducted Heating Cleaning Geelong

Ducted Gas heating

Ducted Gas heating systems usually have a central heating unit installed in the house which is connected to all the rooms using multiple ducts. The fan in the heating system then draws the air in through the vents and heaters in the core unit heats it. Enquire now for ducted heating cleaning Geelong service now.

Placement of the ducts in any heating or cooling system is usually along walls, ceilings or floors. In the case of ducted heating vents, it is ideal to put it on the floor as heat rises. 

Ducted Heating Cleaning Geelong

Causes of debris in ducts

Some of the factors which could lead to debris, dust or any other contaminants in the duct system are as below:

  1. Any moisture leakage inside the air handler can cause damage to the ducted heating system. It can lead to rusting or create a damp environment inviting slimes or microbial growth inside the duct.
  2. Sometimes due to moist conditions inside the duct, it can very easily become a den for pests or rodents.
  3. After regular use over a while, it can collect dirt, specks of dust or pollens inside and compromise the quality of air in the house.

One important factor to keep in mind while heating duct cleaning is that it should be performed after a thorough examination of the system so the source of the contamination is identified and controlled. Otherwise, the problem will not be eliminated.


Duct Cleaning Services Geelong

Duct cleaning involves the cleansing of many components of a heating system. We provide some of the below-mentioned heating duct cleaning services in Geelong:

  • Ducted heating cleaning: cleaning Air handler, fan motor, evaporator coil etc.
  • Gas duct cleaning and repair
  • Bad smell treatment
  • Pets hair removal from vent
  • Carbon Monoxide test
  • Floor and ceiling duct cleaning
  • Vent air cleaning

Cheap and best duct cleaning Geelong

Advantages of Duct Cleaning On Time

Better Air Quality: Helps maintain clean air and avoid any respiratory issues occurring due to dust, pollens or any microbial growth.

Carbon Monoxide Test: Sometimes leakage of harmful gases like carbon monoxide can also be detected in your heater unit. These gases have no smell so it is important to do a routine duct cleaning once in a while as a safety measure.

Improved Efficiency: Choosing our duct cleaning services in Geelong will also ensure smooth performance and efficiency of the heating system by keeping the duct-free of contaminants.

Lesser Utility Bills: With better efficiency due to the absence of any obstructions from pollutants, ductwork will have an ease of operation reducing the overall energy consumption. This is would result in lesser utility bills.

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned: With our cheap duct cleaning services in Geelong, you can not only save your pockets but also avail some of the best This would also help avoid duct damages in the long run leading to higher expenses.

Home and Office Duct Cleaning Geelong



How much does duct cleaning cost in Geelong?

The cust of duct cleaning mainly depends on the number of vents which needs cleaning along with unit and return vent cleaning.

Can I get same day duct cleaning service?

Send your enquiry now and we will aim to allocate technician basd on the availability.

How long does it take to clean ducted heating system?

The timing will depend on the number of vents you may have and also the dirt level and any additional work which may be required. Typically you you should allow 1 to 2 hours.